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Sherwood Dungeon - One of the best MMORPGs on the internet

SHerwood dungeon is as the title says it is. now normally, i would go on for 8-10 paragraphs describing sherwood, but i dont feel like it, so im going to be short and to the point. Fun game. CE (Cheat Engine) below this.

Game Site:
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02/06/10:WOO HOO!!! i figured out the advnced editor and am learning to make my own css and html!

02/05/10:well i had a long break and now im back!!!today i changed the site style (hopefuly for good),added the FAIL section,put a few more videos and made the shoop da whoop man section.i deleted the site section and the game arcade i want more for my site.the game arcade is miniclip, and the site section is just leadsing you to other sites when you should stay on mine. i made the new polls and a new comment box where you can tell me games you want.

11/15/09: uhg im sick. well i cant do much so enjoy more like the stick figure walk below. click to duplicate bats and move mouse to move main bat.

11/12/09: okay i have started embeding games to my site so that you stay on my site. it takes a while. try this: hit b to build building, t for tree,w for windmill, c for cloud, and space for automatic generation.

11/8/09: I am going to add a new thing on the bottomof home page of games on my site you should try. I added obama alien defense, interactive buddy, stick wars bowman 2, fancypants adventure 2, kitten cannon, achilles, and overkill apache.

i work with relyt's site, http://www.freakyfungames.weebly.com


overkill apache
commando 2
interactive buddy
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wanna hack?

download the exe. if that doesent work try downloading them all. if that doesent work i dont know because it works on my acounts: avoki, mogmog, grebo2.


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